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It is the mission of Heavy Hitters Pride to celebrate the cultures and diversity of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) community in Houston. We are dedicated to educating the greater community, promoting equality, civic involvement and responsibility within Houston and neighboring communities. Heavy Hitters Pride is committed to facilitating leadership and coalition building for the funding and development of the first LGBTQ community center in HOUSTON for everyone.


Heavy Hitters Pride weekend is all about coming together in the name of brotherhood, self-esteem, awareness and just having a great time. It's our goal to create an enronment where you can build relationships, be visible fce in our community and network with others on a personal and professional level.


Heavy Hitters Pride is a three day event presented to empowerment and build togetherness of same gender loving larger men and those who support them.


We are presently applying for sponsorship support from foundations and corporations. The funding will serve to not only help in the organizing of an event, but also eventually provide funding for the support of services at a future MOVE Community Center. 


Heavy Hitters Pride wants to be of assistance in providing a sustainable solution to implement or support needed services for challenges in our community—especially in low-income, multi-cultural elder and young LGBT communities.